Treating your cancer is your top priority. For many patients, however, chemotherapy-induced hair loss is more than a matter of vanity. It can become a continual, unwelcome reminder of the disease and treatment, one that can negatively affect self-image, confidence, and sense of well-being. Concern about hair loss can influence attitude and behavior in ways that may even interfere with compliance with treatment at a time when patients can least afford it.

In a recent nationwide survey of 400 women, 9 out of 10 who were informed about scalp cooling showed a high level of interest, and 8 out of 10 of those surveyed said availability of a scalp cooling system would significantly influence their choice of an infusion center.


DigniCap will be used during each cycle on the day of chemotherapy administration. The cap is connected to the cooling and control unit, so you will need to be connected to the system during treatment. Clinicians may disconnect the cap from the system for brief restroom visits. During the break, the cooling cap and the outer neoprene cap remain on your head.


The chemotherapy agent is still active in the bloodstream following the infusion. Therefore, the scalp cooling treatment continues for a cycle of post-infusion cooling. Depending on drug and dose, typically this will last from 60-150 minutes.

The cap is placed on your head 30 minutes before starting the chemotherapy treatment to gradually bring the scalp down to the treatment temperature (pre-infusion cooling). You will then wear the cap during the chemotherapy infusion (infusion cooling time), and for a set period after the completion of the chemo infusion (post-infusion cooling). Depending on drug and dose, the post-infusion cooling time will last from 60-150 minutes. When this post infusion cooling time is completed, the cap is kept on for 5-10 minutes to diminish any discomfort as the cap gradually warms back up to room temperature.

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